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‘Quicklytics’ is a Google Analytics tool in the form of an iOS app that makes it fast & easy for users to check multiple Google Analytics accounts.

Using this tool, you can check your visitor stats for multiple Websites in a matter of seconds, not minutes. It automatically works across both the iPad & iPhone, so you don’t have to buy separate apps for each device.

Quicklytics features include hourly charts, which makes it very easy to compare daily progress to previous week or month. It also works in real time, to help you find out how many users are visiting your Site or using your app as of right now.

You can create reports in Quicklytics for just about everything you can see in your Google Analytics account, with a default focus on number of visitors, page views, average page views & bounce rate.

For example, you can create visitor reports to see Country/City, Browsers, type of visitor, etc. Sources reports will tell you things such as the list of sources of visits, referring sites, keywords used, & campaigns.

Content reports will give you the top Content, landing pages, Site search, & 4 different reports for events. Goals reports includes total conversions, conversion rates & total value.

A simple tap & hold will enable you to create a filter & look at the data for a specific group of users. You can also define your own custom time periods & compare it to other periods to really understand how your Site improves over time.

If you have more than one account, Quicklytics seamlessly joins all your properties into one list, so you can see the data for the properties that interest you.

Quicklytics was developed by San Francisco, CA-based ESCOZ Inc., founded by Eduardo Scoz.

Click here to download the Quicklytics app on your iOS device.



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