Present your office plan with just a Swoosh

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swooshFor a moment, just imagine if, at a presentation in your office, you are able to present your work with just a wave of your hands?  Move left hand to move the slide ahead, & so on? Swoosh, a presentation app, helps you do just that – move presentation slides forward & back with a wave of your hand, or gesture control.

For that, all you have to do is download & install the Swoosh app for Android & the desktop. So you have the app running on your phone or Tablet as well as the desktop or laptop which has the presentation running, & they have to be on the same Wi Fi.

Place the phone or Tablet on a desk or table in landscape mode so that your hand is 12” above the screen when you give the presentation. Play the presentation on your computer, & you can now move the slides back & forth by waving your hand left or right.

It’s a useful app, no doubt. There’s also the advantage that it focuses on a specific niche – presentations. There are plenty of gesture recognition apps & rings & so on that enable gesture recognition, but they are mostly general apps for performing various tasks on your smartphone or Tablet.

Swoosh works with most every major presentaton tool, including PowerPoint, Prezi, Keynote, PDF Reader, etc. The desktop versions are available for Windows, Mac & Linux. The smarphone app is currently available for Android powered devices.It’s simple enough to use, & doesn’t need any configuration either. It’ll work as long as you have Swoosh running on both the phone & the computer on the same Wi Fi.

It could use some improvements, such as Bluetooth & use of guest Wi Fi networks. The setup process is also a bit more extensive than you might expect. But if you give a lot of presentatons, it’s a handy app (no pun intended) to have that will leave you hands-free to focus on giving a better presentation.

Swoosh was developed by Portland, OR-based OnTheGo Platforms, & is based on OTG’s Ari (Augmented Reality Interface) gesture software.

The company was founded in 2012 by Ryan Fink, Gary Peck, Tyler Phillipi, & Ty Frackiewicz. Ryan is the company’s CEO, & Gary is the CTO. OnTheGo Platforms has raised US $1.2 million in three funding rounds.

Get Swoosh on the web. Click here to download the Swoosh presentation control app for Android from Google Play.

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