Microsoft’s Tossup is an event planning, vote gathering mobile app – New app

When an IT company launches an app, it’s bound to hit the News section. Microsoft has released Tossup, which wants to help you and your friends come together. Yawn, so what’s new, you ask?

Tossup, a Microsoft Garage project, centers around event planning + opinion-gathering. It’s like a vote machine. You ask the questions. Your friends cast the votes. Where to go. When to meet. Launched on July 6, Tossup lets everybody know.

Use Tossup when you need:
• A quick yes or no count
• To find & pick a restaurant
• To agree on when to meet
• Your friend’s opinion

Invite friends over email or SMS…whichever way works for you. Tossup, a free app, claims to making decisions together as a fun experience.

By the way, before we forget, Microsoft Garage has quite a few apps, some of them quite interesting. Worth having a peek.

Click here to download Tossup on your Android device.

Click here to download Tossup on your iOS device.

Image Credit: Microsoft Garage



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