Microsoft & Russian Web co Yandex have strategic tie-up

yandexlogoMicrosoft and Yandex, Russia’s largest Internet company, have announced a strategic cooperation agreement, to make it easy for people in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Turkey, & other countries in the region to upgrade to a custom experience with Windows 10, where Yandex will be offered as the default homepage & search for the Microsoft Edge browser as well as IE across Windows 10 devices.

According to a press release by Yandex, as per the agreement reached between the 2 companies, Microsoft will deliver custom experience with local browsing & search capabilities through the Yandex search engine across Windows 10 devices distributed in the region.

Under the agreement, Yandex will introduce people in these regions to the advantages of Windows 10 through the Yandex index page, which will offer them a place to download & install the official Windows 10 experience. The Yandex feature page will also showcase the capabilities of Windows 10, & offer people a seamless way to obtain it.

In addition, Yandex will deliver Universal Windows Applications for search, navigator, music, taxi, market & maps.




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