Internet company Yandex launches media player Yandex.Radio

One of Russia’s, indeed, Europe’s largest Internet companies Yandex has launched a media player service Yandex.Radio.

With over 100 stations differentiated by genre, mood & Context, Yandex.Radio allows users to tune in to music that suits their tastes & situation. This is Yandex’s 2nd music service after the recommendation-based Yandex.Music, sharing its catalog of over 20 million tracks.

“Yandex.Radio & Yandex.Music complement each other: Yandex.Music allows users to discover something new, while Yandex.Radio provides tracks to suit any situation,” said Konstantin Vorontsov, Head, music services, Yandex.

“Yandex.Radio is what one needs when they aren’t looking for something specific, but simply want music that would suit their mood – whether they want to unwind, or get an energy boost.”

Different people may prefer different types of music for the same situation, so the service adapts to listeners’ tastes & plays music that matches their individual preferences. Yandex’s music recommendation technology ‘Disco’ takes care of what kind of music plays in an individual’s stations; the longer a user listens to Yandex.Radio, the better Disco gets to know their tastes. Users can help the service learn about their music preferences faster by clicking the thumbs up or thumbs down rating – or by skipping tracks altogether.

Yandex.Radio is currently available in Russia for mobile devices on Android & iOS, as well as for desktop computers, at

Yandex further revealed that the free of charge for users, Yandex.Radio also features a new audio advertising format, which incorporates fine-tuned audience targeting & other Internet advertising tools that allow advertisers to directly communicate with a chosen target audience & receive comprehensive campaign reports.

Image Credit: Yandex




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