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Do you have a business idea? Here’s a service that allows you to take it from a mere idea to a business plan to the launch stage. This startup helps you meet mentors & investors – essentially it does all those things necessary to get an idea off the ground.

For starters, there’s even a chance to win $10,000 for a business idea + access to the Ideator advisory board + access to key mentors & investors + access to free tools from the competition sponsors, if the 5 judges think your idea “has meat” in it. The Ideator Challenge is a virtual competition, so you can pitch from anywhere.

Ideator’s mantra is connecting would-be entrepreneurs with the right people, thus offering them a platform to access resources required to make their business dream a reality. You go from idea to business plan to launch with Ideator’s help. With your  profile made public, you are opening your doors to potential investors & innovators who will support you. This helps in evaluating your business idea, as well increases opportunities to receive funding for the launch or expansion. You can even choose to create a private circle & share your idea with a chosen few.

The steps you take include:

  • Creating an idea page, using tools from the resources portal
  • Writing your business plan, outlining goals & tasks to do
  • Inviting others to join your team, & connecting with advisors
  • Tracking funding goals & finding investors
  • Making idea public & launching product

Charlie Smith & Jeremy Sanders are the co-founders of the California, US-based company. Elsewhere, while talking of Ideator, Charlie explained his company’s motivation, saying it all started with the idea of solving one common problem. When starting a business, figuring out the 1st steps is hard. Then each additional step to move the business forward is another learning process. And most businesses have the toughest time with the same challenges that others face. Ideator (https://www.ideator.com/) plans to fix that.

– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. –
Image Credit: Ideator
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