IBM launches community for IoT developers

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IBM has announced the launch of a community – IBM developerWorks Recipes – designed to help developers to learn how to connect Internet of Things (IoT) devices to the Cloud, and how to use data coming from those connected devices.

ibmrecepiesUsers of developerWorks Recipes can tap into IBM’s platform-as-a-service, Bluemix, to implement step-by-step tutorials for embedding advanced analytics and machine learning into IoT devices and applications, said IBM.

Here are some examples:

  • Understanding vehicle performance by analyzing data from its On-Board Diagnostic system
  • Linking real-time machine condition monitoring with IBM asset management to monitor everything from the health of household appliances to wheels on a railroad car
  • Spotting trends and obtaining solutions to common problems through graphical representation of historical and real-time data from IoT devices

IBM launched Bluemix in 2014. By helping users connect their IoT devices to it, users can  run advanced analytics, utilise machine learning and tap into additional Bluemix services. For example, data storage, predictive modeling and geospatial analytics can help users to better understand the data on their devices and also help to accelerate the IoT ecosystem.

“IBM has long been a leader in offering innovative tools for developers to create the applications of our future.  Now, IBM is expanding that focus so anyone — from the software novice to the experienced hardware engineer — can easily and quickly access materials providing guidance in the creation, management and connection of IoT devices to each other and the cloud,” said Christopher O’Connor, General Manager, Offerings, Internet of Things, IBM. “With developerWorks Recipes, IBM provides easy access to new analytics and operational insight capabilities that tap into the vast data from many connected devices, home appliances or cars.”

IBM developerWorks Recipes is currently open for anyone to take advantage of existing IoT content, create new Content and share with the community.

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