How chatbots & AI will influence our daily existence – e-Why, What & How


By: Josephine Perry

Think of a future where everything is smart & you can interact with many of the objects you encounter. Thanks to advances in Machine Learning, that future is not as far away as you may think. Soon you’ll be able to talk to things like your home & car, & they will respond with intelligent feedback to make your life easier.

Our fragmented digital lives

At the current time, our digital lives are somewhat fragmented. We have a variety of different apps that we may need for a wide range of different purposes. Along with that, we have different apps that may need to communicate with each other. Or we have apps that perform functions that are the same or similar, but we need them for different purposes.

While smart technology can make our lives easier in a number of ways, the separation between these different services can make things complicated. As the development of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning advance, we’ll start to see solutions that allow various smart technologies to work together in a way that is more integrated.

Your personal bot

The answer to the fragmentary nature of our digital lives is going to come in the form of bots. Tech companies are developing AI chatbots that can be used to manage various features of digital technology.

Instead of having to work through several apps & making sure everything is working together, people will have a single bot that manages everything for us. It will be able to manage your schedule, set reminders for important appointments, pull data, check messages, & so much more.

Master bots

We are already starting to see early forms of this technology with things like Amazon’s Alexa & Apple Siri. In the future, systems like these will be capable of achieving even more than they can now. This will come from the development of master bots. A master bot is essentially a bot program that can operate any other, more specialized bots that are integrated into its system.

As an example, you might decide that you want to order a pizza. Instead of going Online to look for different places in the area & comparing reviews, you would just tell the bot that you want a pizza. It will then provide you with a list of the best options in your area because it has integrated with the bots from food delivery systems. You could then select an option from the list & tell your bot to place a specific order.

When will these bots be available?

The technology has not reached the stage where we can have our own bots that handle all of these tasks for us, but we are on our way. The big challenge that has to be overcome is building a bot that can interact with & manage all of these services. While we still have some time before we reach the stage where we all have one single bot that handles everything, we do see some promising signs for integration with bots that are already available.

The average person doesn’t need to look any further than Facebook Messenger to see bots that are already working to make life easier. Dominos Pizza has a Messenger chatbot that allows users to order a pizza from the Messenger app. As another example, Wells Fargo released a pilot version of a chatbot that can act as a banking assistant on Messenger.

These chatbots that do more than answer simple questions are the start of AI integrating with every part of our lives. As they get better at communicating with people and responding to commands, they will be able to fill an ever-growing number of roles in our lives. Add in a single master bot to control all of these services and you have a system where many of your needs and wants & be handled with a simple voice command.

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