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The environment on the Internet is not precisely an ideal place to let your kids surf unsupervised, especially if they’re equipped with the ever present Google search engine. Although it tries to help, the search giant is not equipped for letting young impressionable minds loose on-line. ‘Kiddle’ seeks to fill that void with a safe search engine which targets the special needs of this often neglected audience.

Kiddle’s search engine is directly inspired on Google, & in fact uses the Google search engine, on top of which it layers a number of important safety features with young surfers in mind.  The logo is a copy of Google’s with a playful robot drawing added, which seems to follow you around as you search. Kiddle blocks a large number of inappropriate search results as well as swear words & other words referring to explicit content. It even blocks celebs that could lead to photos & adult-themed content.

The main aim of this search engine is to provide a safe haven for kids, where Kiddle’s search results satisfy the requirements of families, since explicit or misleading content is directly filtered out. The way the searches work is that the first 3 results are always safe pages which were hand-picked by Kiddle’s editors; this is followed by 4 results with Content that were written with kids in mind; finally the rest of results are for adults, but that have been filtered by Google Safe Search.

Kiddle also allows users to manually add dangerous sites & words that users may want to keep from kids’ eyeballs in case we leave them alone with a browser for an extended period.

However, it’s not a perfect solution & a bit of controversy has surrounded Kiddle lately from some sources, most notably from a LGBT advocacy group, or animal rights activists’ complaints about some cruel treatment of rabbits when searching for the furry creatures. Searches for the Kardashians or Vanessa Hudgens have also given unexpectedly racy results.

– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. -  

Image Credit: Kiddle



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