‘Gramblr’  –  A PC app for uploading pictures on Instagram without using a smartphone

gramblr-1If you want to upload media to your Instagram account you’re pretty much have to do it on an iPhone or Android device, that is, unless you download Gramblr for Windows or Mac. With this desktop app you can gain an important productivity advantage by taking advantage of powerful PC photo editing software & batch uploads.

Gramblr comes with interesting capabilities to help community managers or just plain Instagram users make an impact on the popular social network. It includes social sharing options so that you can share your pics to Facebook & Twitter.




The following stand out among the features included in this Instagram app:

  • Possibility of adding comments & tags
  • Automatic cropping without the need of 3rd party apps
  • More than 50 image filters
  • Full UTF-8 support – for writing captions in any language with full character set support
  • The “Ratings Game” – ‘Like’ photos from other users & see how many people liked or didn’t like yours
  • Free Instagram likes using “coins”, which you earn by playing the Ratings game

The app is easy to install & to use, with a simple user interface. You can share photos that you’ve posted by copying their link & then sharing them online. The developers say that the app started off as an underground tool, back in 2012, when they put up a quick Web page to share it with friends. These friends ended up sharing it with other friends as well. With the advent of version 2 in August 2015, Gramblr has become popular, & the developers say they haven’t thought about monetizing it yet because “we’re so busy improving it”, or so they claim.

To begin using the app, 1st you register in Gramblr & then give your login info for your Instagram account. Then, via a drag & drop interface you can share as many photos as you like.

According to the Gramblr Website, the “coins” feature of the app was introduced because:

 “We wanted to create something for our users to do together, and we thought creating a little “game of likes” would be quite fun. It’s a nice way to see and like other people’s pictures, and being able to expect the same in return if you want to! We think it could become an easier way for some people to get noticed and get followers too.”

Gramblr v2 can be downloaded here for Windows (Vista,7,8,8.1,10) or for Mac OS X 10.6+ (tested on 10.9 Mavericks).

– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. – 
Image Credit: Gramblr




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