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Gigster is an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered platform that fills a gap – it helps connect  software developers to companies & individuals that need talent for a project.

However, unlike other freelance & contractor marketplaces, Gigster does not only act as a bridge; it’s also more pro-active by taking on the responsibilities of cobbling a team as well as managing it to get you going on your project.

IT developmentThis basically means that you provide the work & the payment, & then sit back & let the professionals handle the work. It’s a neat middle-of-the-road alternative that combines the best of in-house software development as well as a hired team of outside consultants.

So how exactly does Gigster work? You submit your project & the Gigster’s gig get back to you with a guaranteed price quote within minutes. Once the terms have been sorted out & you make an initial deposit, Gigster will assign you a dedicated Project Manager to manage your team, progress on the project, & deliver on deadlines.

Gigster has put together a vetted talent pool of elite software developers from the world’s top universities & tech companies, who are managed by Silicon Valley-based product managers. Many of the team members who will work on your project will be students, bootstrapped founders, or moonlighting software engineers.

You have the option of hiring a single “Gigster,” or you can assemble an entire cross-functional team. At the moment, Gigster has 817 Gigsters & 51 active projects. Their expertise spans across all mobile platforms including iOS, watchOS & Android, & web & backend projects, APIs & toolkits.

You pay for work done through Gigster. Payments are aligned with progress. After the initial deposit, you’ll be paying additional installments for predetermined milestones.

San Francisco-based Gigster is a Y Combinator startup that has raised US $2.5 million from the accelerator & other investors including Greylock Partners & Bloomberg Beta, among others. Gigster was founded by Roger Dickey & Debo Olaosebikan. Roger is the company’s CEO & Debo is the CTO.

- This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. -


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