Get real time crash information of your Website or app with ‘Sentry’

website crashWhile paying with a credit card, your Website crashes, the payment doesn’t go through, & the customer is hopping mad. If it happens a 2nd time, you can kiss goodbye to your customer. No one likes to deal with defects in the system, least of all paying customers, right?

Or what about your smartphone app crashing? For that matter, your Website suddenly going offline? ‘Sentry’ promises to put such bugs to rest. This error logging & aggregation platform lets Web admin/developers know what’s malfunctioning without them having to wait for an irate customer to inform them of the back-end problem. The company works with you to let you know why a crash happened, & provides insight into the reasons for the error. Sentry integrates with lots of popular apps & services like HipChat, GitHub, Slack & Trello. Providing real time crash reports for some of the most used apps (mobile & Web) & games, Sentry offers intuitive support & exceptional monitoring.

This 100% open source project started out as a side project but quickly grew into a self-sustaining service, say the founders. David Cramer, Founder & CEO, & Chris Jennings, Co-founder, believe Sentry “provides a modern cross-platform solution to error logging. It’s both an open source product and a hosted service”.

Based in San Francisco, US, the service works to:

  • Notify you if they spot something wrong
  • Makes sure new changes don’t have unexpected (& alarming) impacts
  • Provides extra context so you are staring at the root cause of the problem
  • Works with all major languages & frameworks
  • Offers a simple startup process

Customers using Sentry generally feel upbeat about the process. A big gaming company, for instance, finds the error report useful because it breaks down the problem into categories. This allows them to see who is affected, and in what way. Traditional crash reporting doesn’t quite work that way. Sentry is also used as a diagnostic tool to see how errors in one part of the system affect the other parts. Knowing where to look for the problem is also another useful Sentry function. So if you are worried on how to track your Website crash, fret not.


– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. –  
Image Credit: Sentry



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