‘Flaunt’ your project’s progress to clients with screenshots

‘Flaunt’ is a screenshot based reporting tool. This tool helps you get rid of time sapping PowerPoint reports. The tool is useful to agencies as it will reduce your reporting process significantly.

This tool allows you to take screenshots of your work throughout the month. In addition, it lets you add comments & details to these screenshots. Flaunt also enables you to create onbrand reports that showcase your best work automatically. Therefore, you get to report what you want to show. You can choose only the wins & metrics that show your values.

Also, with Flaunt, you don’t require any expertise to produce your reports. You don’t need any PowerPoint to create your client’s reports. The tool is designed specifically for this, saving you lots of time.

With this platform, you can access your reports to multiple account managers in your agency, hence, allowing you easy collaboration. It also lets you style your reports with your clients brand as well as your brand. Therefore, making your clients feel the report is personalized to them & specifically by you.

1 of the many ways to retain clients is by keeping them informed of your progress regarding their projects. Flaunt will let you help your clients understand your work as well as how you are growing their business. In addition, it allows you to prioritize the KPIs that are most valuable to your clients. Therefore, it enables you to easily demonstrate to them how your actions are achieving their goals in key areas.According to its developer, it is also perfect for social media, PR & SEO.

You get to report on several important areas of digital marketing. More so, the tool allows you to distribute these reports easily. Your clients access & share these reports using private Web links hence, no need to email & save huge files to your computer.

To use this tool, you just signup for a Flaunt a/c & download the Flaunt Chrome extension. After this, you can use it to take a screenshot every time you do something awesome for one of your clients. Flaunt will then generate a report for you & send it to your clients allowing you to track if they have read it out.

Flaunt was developed under Thalamus whose CEO is Jeremy Walker. Its headquarters are in Seattle, USA.

Click here to download Flaunt Chrome extension on Chrome Store.


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