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Favico.js is a javascript library that lets you animate favicons on your Website with badges, notifications, images & videos.

It’s not just about making favicons interesting & catchy. This JS library comes in very handy for displaying notifications & updates on a tiny favicon on your Site.

In fact, you have probably already seen this a lot on the Net on popular services offered by companies like Google & Facebook. For example, Google includes small message notifications below the user’s favicon on its services. The notification is usually a number that shows how many messages/unread emails you have.

The Favico.js javascript library takes it to a whole new level, making animated favicons very easy. You can play not just simple jpegs or gifs, but also complete slide animations, fade animations, pop animations, pop & fade animations, & videos in your favicon. What’s more, you can even stream a live webcam’s video stream into it. So a user, & others, may be able to see the user (if Online) on the favicon.

Apart from the type of animation, you can also customize the position, background color & text colorm font & font style, etc. The badge shape can be set to be either circular or rectangular.

All this is a significant leap above the usual favicon creation tools & status notifications you get to show on Web applications & communication apps.

Favico.js was developed by Amsterdam, Netherlands-based software developer Miroslav Magda. The JS library was made using HTML5 javascript canvas for image manipulation. The HTML5 <canvas> tag is used to draw graphics, on the fly, using scripting.

Favico.js works on all the major web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Opera & IE11+.

This is an open source project available on Github, & you can get the source here.

Image Credit: Favico


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