Emoji Translate for changing text into emoji


Emoji Translate is a Web tool & Chrome browser extension that will translate a block of text or even Content of an entire Website from English to emoji.

For the record, emoji are the Japanese version of smileys, used in messages & Websites & now quite common all over the world. There are any number of Web & mobile apps that aim to make messaging a whole lot more fun by making it easier to use emoji in various ways.

Even so, translating an entire message or Webpage to emoji takes this to a whole new level. Emoji Translate is powered by emojilib, a json file containing a huge collection of emoji names & keywords.

So when you type in your message into the tool or install the chrome extension, it will automatically replace emoji for all the English words in your message that it finds a match for in emojilib.

The Internet & instant messaging have corrupted & warped the English language beyond recognition, & Emoji Translate is hammering in a few more nails into this effort. But it’s still a lot of fun to use, especially when you try it out for the first time.

Try something like “LOL! OMG, this is cool!” & you’ll see how smoothly Emoji Translate replaces popular online acronyms & lingo with emoji.

Emoji Translate was developed by Canadian “emojineer” Monica Dinosaurescu. She says on the Website that “you know how sometimes you type English & it has all these letters & words & no emoji? Yeah, emoji-translate fixes that.”

Oh, & it’s an open source tool, so you can fiddle around with it if you know how. Get the code on Github.

You can access Emoji Translate as a Web tool on its Website, or get the Chrome extension for translating Websites into emoji.


Image Credit: Emoji Translate



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