Denmark, Singapore, Switzerland, Norway & South Korea have the fastest Internet connections

Okay, if you stay in Denmark, Singapore or Switzerland, or even Norway or Korea, you are living in countries which have the fastest Internet connections in the world.People have the fastest mobile Internet connections in the world in Denmark (22.3 Mbit/s), followed by Singapore (16.9 Mbit/s), Switzerland (16.6 Mbit/s), Norway (14.8 Mbit/s) and Korea (13.0 Mbit/s).

This is a finding from results collected by mobile app Netradar. Here are the Internet speeds: In Denmark (22.3 Mbit/s), followed by Singapore (16.9 Mbit/s), Switzerland (16.6 Mbit/s), Norway (14.8 Mbit/s) and Korea (13.0 Mbit/s).

The result is based on measurements by ordinary mobile phone users using the free mobile app Netradar. This app is used to analyze the quality of mobile connections & devices. When using the app, users are given not only information about the quality of their connectivity but this data is also uploaded anonymously to the Netradar database to be used for research.

Netradar claims to provide “neutral & accurate information” about the quality of mobile Internet connections & mobile devices. The application is designed by researchers at the Aalto University, Department of Communications & Networking. It says on the Netradar Site: Our vision is to create an objective measurement platform for Internet connections & also mobile devices.

But it also makes it clear that the results given by the application are approximations. The application uses your network connection & thus might introduce costs when using the network. The overview statistics regarding Internet speeds are updated hourly.

To compare operator speeds & find fastest operator at your location, one must also download free JoikuSpeed app into your Android.


Here’s what’s measured:

Location from GPS, network or WLAN
Download & upload speeds
Manufacturer, model, operating system & version
Network & subscriber operator
Signal strength
Base station
Mobile technology, such as UMTS, HSPA
IP address and transport ports, both public & private

These guys have 3 measurement points in the Cloud: Europe, North America & Asia. The system seeks to find the closest measurement point for users to perform the tests.


Image Credit: Netradar



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