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Have you ever encountered a problem that’s well near impossible to crack by searching Online, but could be best solved by a real expert?

Tesse’s expert search engine uses a common search interface to connect you with global experts using keywords related to skills & expertise. The Tesse global knowledge network is an on-demand platform that’s built for knowledge sharing by using participating ‘live’ experts. It uses the UX of a search engine (like Google) to let users connect with experts around the world in real time using video calls or ‘live’ chats.

If you’re an expert in any field (Web development, business expert, English teacher…) you can join Tesse & share your knowledge, get recognized by other experts worldwide & to increase your expertise by interacting with them. The platform lets you earn extra money by sharing your knowledge with others.

You can set your price & get paid directly on the platform without having to use 3rd party tools. The actual communication with users also takes place directly on the platform.

As is stated in the product page:

More than earning, it is sharing knowledge – Tesse connects people who have knowledge with the ones who are seeking it. More than a service on knowledge, it is where you help people learn and grow to be better.

To get started, you just sign up on the product page to create a profile. You need to complete a detailed profile relative to your skills & fields of knowledge if you want to assume the role of an expert (Industry, work information & education). The more info you provide about yourself, the more trust you will be able to generate.

To earn money on Tesse you share your knowledge & skills with other users who are willing to pay for your time. Money is charged at a per minute rate, which you set yourself. You can withdraw your earnings directly to your bank account or via Paypal.

Tesse Inc. is recent tech startup based in Vietnam. 

- This is a startup profile based on publicly available material & not a review -  
Image Credit: Tesse 


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