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Design your iOS apps perfectly with ‘Flawless App’

Flawless is an app that helps you to easily spot visual differences between design & implementation inside iOS simulator. Therefore, it is an app that comes in handy to mobile teams who want to polish & improve their apps.

Inject creativity in your presentations with ‘Ludus’ – # Startup

Are you tired of the current slide based presentation programs? More so, do you feel these available programs such as PowerPoint, Keynote or even Google Slides do not provide you with the intuitive experience you crave for? Well, Ludus is a new tool in the market that claims it will give these already established tools “a run for their money.”

With ‘Custodee’ you can monitor competitor Websites – #Startup

Custodee is a service that monitors Websites that you want to keep tabs on, giving you a summarized email once a day if any changes are made to elements in the pages. Daily screenshots are also captured & stored by the service, so you can get a visual idea of how your competitors are changing their Sites.