Building a mobile or Web app? ‘Bubble’ makes it look like child’s play

apps developmentBubble is an app development platform that lets you build your startup without needing any coding experience or expertise in developing Web or mobile apps.

It’s a visual framework that lets you build your applications simply by pointing & clicking. You don’t have to know about back-end technologies such as Ruby on Rails, Python / Django, & PHP, & you won’t have to play around with front-end coding in HTML, CSS or Javascript.

Bubble replaces all this by making the assumption that you’re building a multi-user interactive application for the Web or mobile, & giving you a simple visual editor to put together elements for such apps using simple English & a click-based system. Eg: “show this button”, “send an email”, & “turn this font color red”.

You can build interactive, multi-user apps for desktop Web browsers & mobile browsers. You can also build native apps that can be submitted to the App Store or Google Play. Your apps will be able to get & send data to & from external APIs, & you can communicate through mediums including email & social networks. You can also include payment systems.

In fact, the Bubble platform is promoted as more of a hosting + Content management system for startups, allowing you to build apps without developers & offering non-disruptive scaling as you grow.

Under the free plan, you can test your app (two apps actually) with a sub-domain & up to 100 unique visitors per month. The US $19/month Start Plan supports 500 unique visitors per month, a custom domain, & email support for two apps. You can give it a test run with a 30-day free trial.

Bubble seamlessly scales up the package as your traffic & popularity grows. Packages range from $19/month to $1,700/month, & enterprise plans with no limit on traffic.

NYC-based Bubble was founded in June 2012 by Emmanuel Straschnov & Josh Haas.

- This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. - 

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