Capture your life in short videos & create a montage of ’em with Beet app – New app

This was bound to happen. Shooting & sharing 6 sec videos is no fun so here comes Beet. The latter is a social networking video app that captures short video clips & strings them together to create an ongoing montage for viewers.

The idea is that instead of providing a selective view of your life through social networks, Beet provides a raw reality TV kind of experience for your friends & followers.

But it’s not a continuous live video stream. The app takes the short 6-sec videos & strings them together as a single continuous video or story. Viewers can see it as an ongoing movie of your entire life. Viewers have the option to see the most recent clips, or start from the beginning & watch the entire montage of collected & stored video clips of your life.

The latest version of the iOS app, now available on the App Store, allows you to create albums out of videos. This means that viewers can see albums of specific occasions or dates, instead of having to wade through the full montage of your daily activities.

Another interesting feature that is new to the app is the ability to collaborate to create stories. This means you can stitch together a video story that includes clips on a topic from multiple sources, thus allowing you to provide information from many sources.

This story creation team can have members & a moderator who can decide which clips should stay in the montage & which ones should be removed. It’s sort of like a Wikipedia video version that will store a video story of specific topics, events & other important things that might be of interest to everyone. This is where the app differs from Snapchat’s Stories feature that only lasts for a short period.

Beet was developed by Orange, CA-based University Niche LLC. The company was founded by Chapman University graduates Jonathan Miller & Sean Thielen.

Click here to download Beet on your iOS device.

The Android version is expected to be available later this year.

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