‘AiFi’ announces apps to make holographic selfies – CES 2018

This report was 1st published on our sister Site, Digital World Native.

This Silicon Valley-based startup just announced at the on-going CES 2018 in Las Vegas the availability of an Augmented Reality (AR) smartphone app that will let you make a hologram out of a selfie video & then send it as a message. A 2nd app takes a photo & removes the background, substituting it with a different one or with an animated video.

‘AiFi’ is specialized in computer vision and AR & has been involved in a new industry segment known as Smart Retail. With it, they want to “redefine the future of shopping by using machine learning (ML) to create autonomous shopping experiences at all scales, from small mom & pop stores to gigantic supermarkets & beyond.”

To highlight their technology, engineered by computer vision experts, which can be deployed to retail, entertainment, smart cities & other niches, it has developed these 2 apps. Holo Messenger showcases consumer-facing AR & messaging by letting you turn yourself into a hologram, just like the characters in Star Wars, that you can deliver to other users or share in social media.

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