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Amazon’s Alexa & the Google Assistant are no longer the only players in town when it comes to Artificial Intelligence (AI) retail voice platforms. ‘Voysis Commerce’ can help make your e-commerce app & Website faster & friendlier with its natural language voice search & transaction platform.

Voysis is an Irish startup that is aiming to break into the Online retail space where Alexa is king. It gives companies the possibility of letting shoppers buy products using their voices from the retailer’s own Website or app.

Many Online retailers, it seems, don’t want to integrate with Amazon Alexa because then they’d lose their ability to gather interaction data 1st hand. Company CEO Peter Cahill, said elsewhere: Amazon owns the relationship with the customer on its platform, & retailers could be justified in thinking Amazon would attempt to usurp their position in the market. With Voysis Commerce, every brand & retailer can have it’s own Alexa.

Voysis Commerce features can be divided into the following categories:

  • Search – Allows users to describe what product they’re looking for using natural language. According to the product Site, this allow for a 10x increase in speed & accuracy when compared to traditional text search.
  • Refine – The voice AI assistant listens to users & remembers what they said & where they’re at in their shopping “journey.” They can then refine their initial search & drill down into finding the perfect product.
  • Transact – Using Voysis, users can do things using their voice, like add products to the shopping cart, navigate to checkout & check on order status.

Other things to take into consideration are that voice commands are about 3x faster than typing, so when shoppers use their voice, searches are much faster & satisfying. Voice searches can look for matches in your product catalogs and search history & since it works really fast on mobile devices, conversion rates can be increased.

The Voysis product Site also makes the important point that voice interaction can be a good way to increase customer loyalty & retention. This is because talking to the AI assistant is similar to what you’d experience on a shop floor with a human salesperson, & is more of a memorable experience than a cut & dry traditional e-commerce Site.

Voysis is an API-based platform, so you can overlay it over your existing Javascript UI, & maintain your current design & brand. No information is available on the Voysis Website regarding pricing, but you request a demo. 

– This is a startup profile based on publicly available material & not a review –  
Image Credit: Voysis

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