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‘Let’s Enhance’ is a free Website that lets you enhance a low-resolution image, & by applying filters it does so 4 times the original quality. The image is greatly improved by removing annoying & ugly JPEG artifacts using an Artificial Intelligence (AI) & machine learning approach.

The Site applies neural network algorithms to give a boost to the machine learning approach used in Let’s Enhance. The tool come with 3 different filtering options that you’d apply in function of what your original image looks like & what is your preferred output.

According to comments made by testers on other sites, of the 3 available options, the ‘Anti-JPEG’ filter pretty much leaves your output file at the same resolution as the original & removes JPEG artifacts. If you opt for the ‘Boring’ filter (which it’s anything but), the file size will be incremented. In addition to removing the JPEG artifacts, blurring will be used to fill in detail.

By far the most sophisticated option is the ‘Magic’ filter, which will both increment image size & add more detail. Here, missing detail is added as the “neural network hallucinates missing details to make image look natural.” Yes, you read that correctly, & it’s the 1st time I’ve ever heard an algorithm hallucinating content into being, though in this case it’s definitely a good thing.

Image processing like what’s done by Let’s Enhance is available in standalone apps & full suites, like Photoshop & the Gimp. The Estonia-based startup, however, offers a free hosted infrastructure that’s custom-built for enhancing images & a provides a much more sophisticated & ultimately satisfying experience.

The service is also available through their published API. Their infrastructure takes care of on-demand scaling via geographically distributed clusters of nodes. Besides resizing & enhancing they provide other image processing capabilities, like rotating, conversions, watermarks.


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Image Credit: Let’s Enhance

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