YouTube launches host of initiatives for News outfits – News


Image from Iconfinder

YouTube, along with Google News Initiative (GNI) has announced new measures to “help journalism thrive in the digital age.”

YouTube said on its official blog that it was taking steps with the GNI to support the future of news in Online videos, & product features. It was in 2015 that YouTube, in consultation with publishers in Europe, had launched ‘Player for Publishers’, a solution that enables news organizations to use YouTube’s video player “to give viewers a world-class video experience across their own Websites & mobile apps.” Player for Publishers reduces costs & offers improved monetization for news organizations.

YouTube has, since then, expanded these efforts beyond Europe. Today, over 100 publishers in more than 25 countries use Player for Publishers. In March of this year, at the launch of GNI, YouTube had announced funding to support the future of news.

Today, it announced US $25M to a YouTube-specific investment. Under it, the following activities will be taken up:

Expertise: YouTube will establish a working group with news organizations & experts from around the world to help us develop new product features, improve the news experience on YouTube, & tackle emerging challenges. News organizations including Vox Media, Jovem Pan, & India Today are early members of the working group.
Innovation Funding:  YouTube will provide funding across approximately 20 global markets to support news organizations in building sustainable video operations. Provided on an application basis to news organizations of all types, these grants will enable our partners to build key capabilities, train staff on video best practices, enhance production facilities & develop formats optimized for Online video.
Support: YouTube is also expanding its team focused on supporting news publishers. These specialists will be based around the world & support partners with training & best practices in formats, audience development, day-to-day platform operations, & sophisticated technical integrations.

News organizations interested in more information about these efforts can sign up here.