YouTube launches copyright match tool – News

Mizter_x94 / Pixabay

YouTube has launched the ‘Copyright Match tool’, designed to find re-uploads of your Content on other channels.

Here’s how it works:

After you upload a video, YouTube will scan other videos uploaded to YouTube to see if any of them are the same or very similar. When there is a match, it will appear in the “matches” tab in the tool & you can decide what to do next.

YouTube said it had been testing this tool with creators for nearly a year “to make it safe & effective for the whole community.”

Next week, YouTube will start rolling this tool out to creators with more than 100k subscribers.

Here’s what YouTubers need to know:

  • It’s important that you’re the first person to upload your video to YouTube. The time of upload is how the platform will determine who should be shown matches.
  • This tool is intended to find full re-uploads. If you find a clip of your Content that you’d like removed, you can always report it via the copyright webform.
  • Once the tool has found a match, you can choose either to do nothing, to get in touch with the other creator, or request that YouTube remove the video. When you request removal you can do so with or without a 7-day delay to allow the uploader to correct the issue themselves. Takedown requests will be reviewed to make sure they comply with YouTube’s copyright policies.
  • Before taking action, we ask that you carefully evaluate each match to confirm that you own the rights to the matched content & ensure that you believe it infringes on your copyright. You should not file a copyright takedown request for content that you do not own exclusively, such as public domain content. You should also consider whether the matched content could be considered fair use or could be subject to some other exceptions to copyright, & hence not require permission for reuse.