Your clients & customers can now make voice calls directly from your Website – New app

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Customer communication is an integral & important part of any business. That way, any complaints or compliments will reach the relevant person within your business, & that will lead to them taking action in an appropriate manner.

Sometimes, a customer will view a Website & have some questions about the products or services offered. If they are not able to contact any agents from the company then their queries remain unanswered, & obviously, the business has lost a customer.

Extend is a tool that looks to enhance communication by enabling a company’s customers to call its customer care agents directly from within the company’s Website. That’s right. Once you have extend installed on your Site, customers can literally call you using VOiP.

The setup does not require the client to have the phone number of a particular business they wanna call. It also does not require any complex setups like the user having to download other supporting apps. The process is unlike using a normal phone call. If a user is unregistered, he/she will be asked to introduce himself before making the call. This involves putting in the name & email address.

During an ongoing call, the display will be quite similar to that of a normal phone call. The screen will show a message prompting the user to wait while he is being connected to the next available agent. Also on display will be which customer care agent the ongoing call is with & an option to end it. This makes it extremely easy to reach the customer service staff & get any questions answered in an efficient manner.

This service allows the company to receive an unlimited number of calls from anywhere in the world. The extend app is available in a number of platforms. Among them are the Android, iOS, Windows & Mac OS platforms. This means it can be used on both smartphones & personal computers.

The pricing for use of the platform is uniform all around with a fixed amount for 3 agents. Any additional agents will come at a certain additional charge hence the overall cost will be determined by the size of the organization.

Click here to download on your iOS device.

Click here to download on your Android device.

Click here to download on your Mac.

Click here to download on your Windows PC.



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