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We have all been witnesses to startups’ dorm-to-garage-to-swank offices stories. And majority of them undergo the gruelling procedure of relocating. Not to mention, the pain of updating the mailing address every time the businesses ‘move house’.

‘TenHundred’ offers to make sure that startups never lose a single mail. And how do they do this? Well, by providing them with “virtual address.”

The pain of moving
Relocating is a pain point for most of the early stage businesses. Among other things, they have to get the address registered. Furthermore, this base is not their permanent address & they may soon have to look for another base for their operations.

However, the process of relocating will require that they change their address at the post office. Often, since this takes time, there is a likelihood that these startups may miss some mail or packages which may be of importance.

You’ve got mail

  • The platform, TenHundred, will digitize any mail, correspondence, invoices, checks coming through to a startup into “actionable digital documents”.
  • It will then forward it to them in an electronic format. These can be in the form of checks, invoices or any other business correspondence that startups are likely to receive.
  • However, if some of the mails cannot be forwarded electronically, then TenHundred endeavors to send these in the physical form to wherever their clients are situated.
  • This way, once registered with TenHundred virtual address, a company will never have to worry about logistical hassles or even missing a single piece of correspondence with their clients or even other companies.

Providing these services requires resources & hence users of TenHundred will be required to pay certain fees.

There are 2 current payment plans of which one is the pay as you go. With this plan, users pay for each item that the company forwards to them. There is also the monthly payment option where users can pay a one-off fee each month that caters for all the items that TenHundred forwards them.


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Image credit: TenHundred

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