‘Xoyondo’ is a “democratic” scheduling calendar


We can all attest to the fact that organizing a meeting for a group of people in an Enterprise or otherwise can get time-consuming, especially with lots of emails being exchanged. This is where ‘Xoyondo’ comes handy for those organizing an event/meeting.

Xoyondo is a browser-based scheduling mobile-1st Online tool. It simplifies the task of arriving at a common date for a meet up. Among the other things it also does is to allow people to use the platform for polling on an opinion. This is irrespective of the participants’ time zones. Eg: Choose the options for the office picnic this year.

To initiate a poll for a meeting, you simply select possible dates for the scheduled meeting using Xoyondo’s Calendar plugin. You can also select the dates manually, & even indicate different times for each date. After the date selection, this platform lets you invite the participants to vote using a unique link to the poll Website. It allows you to send the invitation directly using their platform or using your mail.

After the invite, the participants choose the date that is most convenient. Xoyondo then displays the results in a tabular format which you can analyze to determine the best date for your meeting.

Since it’s launch, Xoyondo has incorporated various features:

i. The platform has added a Xoyondo’s Dashboard. It helps users keep the overview of multiple polls or message boards.

ii. It uses Secure Socket Layer(SSL) to ensure that data, including user name & email addresses, is secure.

iii. Xoyondo has also included an edit icon that allows participants in a date/opinion poll to modify their votes.

iv. It also allows the administrator of the poll to include a personal message to the invitation emails. If you are the admin of the poll, you can also edit & delete comments on the message board.

v. Another feature is the anonymous meeting polls where no participant sees what the other has voted. Also, you can also finalize a poll by locking it if the best date/option for the poll has been found.

Xoyondo is a free service. You will also not need any registration to use it. Plus, it also allows you to combine different type of polls to organize your meeting efficiently, & supports 5 languages.

This startup is located in Bodman-Ludwigshafen, Germany.

-  This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. -  

Image Credit: Xoyondo




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