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Customer feedback is imperative in any business, be it in the real world or Online. However, unlike brick & mortar establishments, Websites do not have the advantages of having a dedicated staff to gauge & report the visitor feedback. ‘Fathom’ claims to improve Website mechanisms to help convert visitors into clients.

Most apps rely on Website statistics to gain insight into these factors, however, these results could be inconclusive. For instance, how do you explain why a visitor didn’t finalize the sale despite reaching the checkout?

Fathom is a JavaScript code snippet which can be installed on a Website to segment & define user activity & metrics. The code monitors site traffic, visitors’ interaction & creates a bridge for owners for interviewing visitors. The platform offers to help Website managers or administrators contact visitors & conduct telephone interviews with them so as to get a better understanding of their behavior towards their products.

The Procedure

  • Segmenting: Monitoring & sectioning user activity dependent on the type of interaction they have with a Website. Fathom can offer categories of people for interview selection.
  • Recruitment: Fathom selects potential participants according to a site owners predefined outline.
  • Interviewing: Visitors, willing to be interviewed can be questioned about their activities over interviews, may be booked for a specifically selected date & time.
  • Recording: All interviews are recorded & transcribed. This information is saved to a client’s account.
  • Compensation: In order to convince visitors for an interview, Fathom can be setup to offer users compensation for participation like gift cards or vouchers.
  • Reporting: Recordings are used to generate reports which can be used to fix problems uncovered via the interview process.

Fathom gives clients the option to choose whether or not they want to outsource the interview & reporting process. Moreover, they claim to have trained market research teams to help them with the procedure.

Fathom believes that by approaching directly to customers or visitors, site users, managers & owners can gain valuable insights into their thought process & expectations. And this information can arm them with a better strategy to win the customer trust.

You can sign-up to join Fathom’s beta list to receive an invite.


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Image Credit: Fathom


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