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On any given day most businesses receive a ton of messages. Whether it’s feedback on a product or a question by potential customers about services, every response requires a bit of scrutiny. The usual practice is to have staff manually go through this information & analyze it so as to gauge the best course of action. This method is, however, inefficient. What if the whole process was automated?

MonkeyLearn uses Machine Learning (ML) to analyze various text whether it’s social media, chats, emails or even support tickets in a bid to produce actionable data.

In the case of customer service once a communication is received it can be analyzed for the following:

  • Sentiment- Whether this communication is positive or negative.
  • Emotion- The type of emotion in the text & includes anger, frustration, contentment & more.
  • Urgency- The app will determine whether human intervention is needed & how soon it should be availed.
  • Insight- MonkeyLearn will extract the most important information from any text.

There are even some custom modules that will do the following:

  • Tag tickets as they come in.
  • Prioritize tickets based on urgency.
  • Classify if they qualify for an automatic response. This is usually possible with repetitive tickets.

As a result of the above features engaging with customers should be a breeze while using the app.

Another use case is when sorting through feedback about a product. In this way, the company can better gauge the general consensus about their products. Furthermore, the in-house team will be able to control further learning by the app in a bid to reduce the overall margin of error.

MonkeyLearn is able to integrate with Zapier, RapidMiner, Zendesk & Google Sheets. The integration with Zapier also opens the door for many more integrations with apps such as Delighted, Gmail, Haro & more. The platform also provides simple APIs & SDKs that various developers can use in their projects & on their unstructured data sets.

MonkeyLearn offers 4 subscription models for users – free, team, business & enterprise. Users can choose from the above depending on their needs & budget. The company has offices in Montevideo Uruguay & in San Francisco USA. Some of the key people involved in bringing Monkeylearn to fruition include Raul Garreta & Federico Pascual who are the CEO & COO, respectively. They are also both co-founders of the company.

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