Use ‘Kapwing’ to generate memes from your favorite images or videos – #Startups

If you’re a social media user then you’re always looking for cool ways to enhance your photos & videos to get your social circle more engaged. Even more so, social media marketers live & die by their ability to do this.  ‘Kapwing’ is an Online toolbox that will help you or your project create memes around your media by adding text captions, trendy sound effects, & video resizing.

Kapwing is a series of Web apps that you can use from your desktop or mobile device by simply uploading or posting a link to a video clip or image file. The simple UI will guide you through the process, including adding a text caption, & you’ll have a meme-ready file in no time, which you can share on social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook.

Actually, besides the Meme Maker feature, Kapwing has a number of other interesting tools:

  • Add subtitles to videos by transcribing text & spacing them on the video timeline using the Kapwing editor
  • An Online video resizer that will take any video & resize it & specifically optimize to fit Instagram (including stories), Twitter, or Facebook in just 3 clicks
  • Online video trimmer that easily trims & cuts videos to the perfect length using sliders & arrow keys
  • Stop motion video maker that makes a cute stop motion video out of any video clip, letting you speed up or slow down videos & even play them in reverse
  • Sound effects maker that works on the Kapwing editor by adding sound effects from a large library of trendy effects that you can easily burn right into your video. You can choose from effects like Crickets, Chewbacca, buzzer beater, bleep, boing, gunshot, mouse click, Pacman, oh yeah, whistle…

Kapwing is free to use but creates a small watermark that’s visible in the corner of the videos. If you want to remove the watermark you’ll have to get a US $10 monthly subscription for unlimited watermark removals. Information is available on the project website. Supported formats are GIF, mp4, mov, jpg, avi & more. You should take into account that the max file size recommended is 25 megabytes.

The startup is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA, & comprises 2 young developer founders that previously worked for Google.

– This is a startup profile based on publicly available material & not a review –

Image Credit: Kapwing

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