Turn your iOS device into a data warehouse with this app

airtableDatabases are useful things to have & use. After all, it’s all about organizing your information. You should be able to able to access your information, as & when you need it without having to hunt for crucial data when you need it.

San Francisco, US-based, Formagrid has developed a flexible database that allows you to create & work with information, on your own terms. You can use the mobile app ‘Airtable’ to create flexible checklists, organize collections or ideas, & manage customers or contacts — all in one place. Founded in 2012, Airtable was launched by Formagrid in 2015, & works with the user to create a powerhouse of information, all available conveniently on your iOS device. You only need swipe & tap to access the information you need. Sharing your database with team members or friends gives you the opportunity to see changes in real time. So, you build & share your own database even if your tech skills are not that hot.

The philosophy of the app seems to be giving more power to the users to customize their information into specific databases that they can use optimally. Mobile & Web access is seamless with this app, so you can you can add or remove rows & columns, attach files & share tables. Integrations with services such as Dropbox, Box, Evernote, & Google Drive are possible. You can link related data, filter the information according to your needs, & attach files directly to your tables.

Airtable can be used in multiple ways:

  • Organize people & customers
  • Cataloguing inventory & collections
  • Managing projects & tasks

Which means you may use this app for:

* Sales and customers
* Recruiting
* Public relations
* Business development
* Personal CRM
* Volunteer management
* Sports clubs

Howie Liu, Emmet Nicholas & Andrew Ofstad, are the people who developed the app which recently garnered US $10.6 million in equity funding. Investors include Ashton Kutcher, Hammerstone Capital, CrunchFund, Caffeinated Capital & Freestyle Capital. In an interview with ACN Newswire, Liu said, “The world is becoming increasingly filled with highly specific & inflexible apps that expect users to bend to the app’s workflow. We think it should be the other way around.”

The new version of the app, 2.1.0 has even more “exciting” features, say the developers. You can now scan barcodes to track inventory & manage assets.


 – This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. –


Image Credit: Apple Store/Airtable




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