This smart speaker ‘ Lily’ does what Echo & Google Home don’t – Hardware

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smart speaker lily

We all know the capabilities of Amazon Echo & Google Home smart speakers. But here’s an upcoming rival that may just have an edge over them.

Smart speaker ‘Lily‘, as it is called, helps you learn “Chinese” (Mandarin). All of us know how tough learning that one can be, right?

Each word has a different accent, but the identical spelling, each has a different meaning. When speaking Chinese, these words have unique tones & that’s the way they are differentiated. Therefore, without instructions in pronunciation, most people would find the language impossible to learn. This is one of the main reasons why ’Lily’, an AI smart speaker that teaches Chinese, was born.

Owning a ’Lily’, according to the team behind the speaker, is like having a personal language trainer. It corrects your pronunciation, translates English words, is 100% voice activated, will hold a Chinese conversation with you, & all of these things will be conducted in real-time with high definition sound.

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