This LED clip-on reading lamp relieves computer screen eye strain

This article was 1st published on our sister Site, Digital World Native.

The BenQ e-Reading LED Task Lamp clips on to the top of your computer screen to help relieve the strain that long hours of computer use inevitably cause on your eyes. It’s nicely designed, small & has features like auto-dimming with an ambient light sensor, hue adjustment, glare free lighting, USB power, & adjustable color temperature.

According to BenQ, the average time spent on the computer is 5.7 hours per day. This results in eye irritation, & resting your eyes isn’t quite enough to relieve the strain that insufficient lighting causes, as you constantly go back & forth between your screen, your paperwork & other nearby items that are more often than not badly lit by deficient desk lamps that introduce glare onto your screen.

The key to solving this problem is to regulate the brightness level of your workspace. The American National Standard Practice for Office Lighting recommendation for luminance level is 500 Lux, which can be achieved by traditional desk lamps, but at the cost difficult placement, excessive glare & guesswork about intensity & placement.

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