5 Android browsers that are popular in 2018

By: Rose Shelton

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Web browser is most likely one of the most-used applications on your phone. The users are spoiled for choice when it comes to picking an Android browser. So which are the popular Android Browsers of 2018? What really are users looking out for in these browsers? Incognito mode or faster browsing? While privacy controls are imperative for many, others wish for a browser that seamlessly syncs with other devices & applications. The ones featured here have made it to the top of the most-used list out there. Besides being known for their speedy browsing, they also have other amazing features.

So what is it that makes them popular among their peers? Their ability to sync with your PC browser or fortified privacy controls? Here’s a peek at the famous 5.

Firefox Quantum

The latest version of Firefox has been dubbed “Quantum”. It comes with a number of new features that further improve its versatility which consequently has increased its popularity with Android users. Firefox Quantum now has a new & improved user interface. It also makes use of a new rendering engine. This has increased its browsing speed to twice that of the previous version.
Another feature unique to this browser is its use of extensions. No other Android browser has such an extensive collection of add-ons as Firefox does. This allows you to customize your browsing experience to your preferences. LastPass; a secure password manager, RoboForm, NoScript so on & so forth are a few of the many extensions available here. This gives you greater control of the browser & a better browsing experience.
Firefox allows you to choose a preferred theme from a long list of available options. It also syncs your accounts on multiple platforms for a connected browsing experience. Another strong point for this browser is privacy. It offers tracking protection & you can set the app to erase your browsing history whenever you exit. These features & many more set the browser apart from others.

Google Chrome

With more than a billion downloads, Google Chrome is the default browser for many Android users. Not only does it come pre-installed on many devices, many users prefer to stick to this browser after using it because of its functionality & versatility.
Chrome is stable & offers a fast & highly personalized browsing experience as well. Chrome affiliation to the Android platform makes it easy to sync browsing across all your devices. By using your Gmail account, the browser syncs anything from your desktop to your mobile.
Another special feature of this browser is that it comes with in-built Google translate. This makes it fairly easy to access a website written in another language. In addition, it also has Google assistant enabled. This function uses your browsing history to personalize responses & auto-populate fields. Chrome’s Blink engine makes it one of the fastest & top performing Android browsers.

Microsoft Edge

Besides using the Blink engine which allows its browsing speed to match Chrome, Microsoft has also ensured that Edge has limited features installed. This keeps it lightweight & automatically translates to a faster browsing experience in the long run.
Another unique feature is the ease with which edge allows you to sync browsing from desktop to your mobile & vice versa with just the touch of a button. This browser is also one of the few Android browsers that support a Dark Mode. This is a feature many users with phones that use the AMOLED display will appreciate. Edge also has ad-blocking capabilities & a long list of other unique features which set it apart as a top Android browser.

Opera Mini

Opera Mini remains many Android users favorite app for many reasons. In addition to its sleek design, intuitive user interface & ease of use, Opera Mini is also a powerful & stable browser. It offers quick browsing speed among other excellent features.
Its data blocking ability & data saving mode make browsing on Opera particularly fast even when the network is slow. The browser is designed & optimized to allow you to do more even with minimal bytes.
Features such as news updates, data tracker, night mode, private browsing & many others also help users get a richer & much more interesting browsing experience.

Dolphin Browser

Dolphin is another prominent browser that is a favorite of Android users. The browser offers an array of impressive features. This browser supports a number of plug-ins which helps to extend its already versatile features even more.
Moreover, with Dolphin Sonar, users can make use of a text to speech function. This allows them to use their voice to navigate, search & share seamlessly on this browser. Other impressive features include an ability to uninterruptedly sync data across multiple platforms, ad blocker, blazing fast browser speed, gesture browsing & incognito mode among others.

This list is by no means exhaustive. For there are some other great browsers out there, all with impressive functions & features that you may like if you try them out.

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