The ‘Beam’ home WiFi router gives you not only fast but encrypted access

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If you’re concerned about your Online privacy & want to hacker-proof your home, your plain vanilla home router isn’t going to cut it.

The Beam router is a crowdfunded project on Indiegogo that promises to encrypt all your info so “your Internet provider can’t see what you’re doing & services can’t track you.” It will transparently use VPN services to keep your physical location hidden, protect all your physical devices at home & let you access your router from anywhere around the world.

The router is one of the most technologically advanced home routers available. It includes latest-gen wireless tech like gigabit networking, a powerful 2 GHz dual-core processor and coprocessor, & 4 high powered dual-band antennas with high powered amplifiers. These features combine to reduce lag, dead zones & minimize dropped connections around your house.

Beam’s beamforming tech, using AC Wave 2 & MU-Mimo, lets it send signals to your devices at speeds of up to 2,500 Mbps & 250 Mbps through the VPN. The Gigabit Ethernet WAN & LAN ports support link aggregation, which doubles your connection speed.

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Its advanced firewall protection makes it extremely difficult for hackers & malicious Sites to gain unauthorized access to your home network. Beam scans your network for vulnerabilities & suggests fixes, & will even automatically update the latest security patches for you. It encrypts network traffic using 256-bit encryption so your Internet provider & other services won’t be able to track you.

The Brooklyn, New York, US-based company ‘Passel’ is responsible for the project, which has been quite successful & has already gained a lot of backers, passing its funding goal by more than 700%. Estimated delivery of the router is for July 2018 & the cost is US$ 299 if you pledge on Indiegogo. This will include a Beam router + a built-in  1 year’s subscription to the Forcefield VPN. You can see other options on the Beam pricing page here.

Passel even offers users the option of getting paid for having Beam router become part of their global network. They’re in the process of creating a decentralized network that can’t be censored or blocked. You can choose host a node that will be a part of that network to help others circumvent censorship. Participants will get paid in bitcoin for their trouble.

Image Credit: Passel