Online privacy

3 actionable steps to improving your Online privacy right now – e-Why, What & How

You’re worried about Facebook & Cambridge Analytica. You know you’re being tracked by advertisers each time you go Online. And your operating system is recording your Online activity & searches. This isn’t privacy, it’s surveillance. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can improve your Online privacy right now in just 3 steps.

Admins of FB Pages are also data processors, says court – News

This court ruling opens up a new debate on the responsibilities of an admin, & may have some implications not only for social network Facebook but also others like Google, although experts are still busy studying & understanding it.

Reports: Reuters, Business Insider, ZDNet, CNBC, TechCrunch

Is Amazon Alexa spying on you? This US couple says so – News

The couple’s conversation about hard flooring was recorded & “dispatched” by Alexa. Amazon says it’s a rare development but the question of paramount concern is – does Alexa’s software have a “recording” facility in-built?

Reports: KIRO-7, Martketwatch, CNBC Recode