media aggregates user curated media files so you can “follow your obsessions”

This new Site lets its users create boards with collections of links to video files, Gifs & other types of Online Content from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. The boards are searchable & are composed of an eclectic variety of topics like: sound effects, ladies in electronic music, animals holding knives & Gif of the day.

‘Yubl’ is new social media app that wants to take on the big boys

As with existing social networking apps, ‘Yubl’ allows you to contact with friends with text messages & photos, but it also allows you to create rich visual messages that help you make plans, share locations of where to meet as a group & poll friends to make group decisions. All starting from a blank ‘canvas’ designer that puts an emphasis on creativity & is easy to use on a phone.

Lobster Content marketplace – buy & sell social media images, text…whatever

Here, you may buy, sell & license photo, audio, videos & text that have been posted on social media. A brand new Dogpile-style search functionality now allows publishers to search for specific keyword-based Content across multiple social networks. You can then use the platform to send a licensing request for that content.