Hackers make away with 15 mln T-Mobile customer data with Experian

Hackers have struck again. T-Mobile revealed late on Thursday that hackers had breached Experian’s network & stolen much of T-Mobile’s data, which the carrier had sent to Experian to perform checks on potential customers seeking finance for phones, etc. Number of people affected: About 15 million users. Data stolen included names, addresses, & birth dates, as well as encrypted social security numbers & drivers’ license ID numbers. Both companies revealed that the hackers may have cracked the encryption.

Reports: MacRumors, 9to5Mac, TechCrunch, Apple Insider

Ashley Madison Site hackers post sensitive info Online

A few months ago, hackers made away with sensitive customer information from the Online Site AshleyMadison.com. At that time, they had threatened to expose the info. Now, it appears, they have made good on their intent. Data of 9.7 gigabytes in size was posted on Tuesday to the dark Web using an Onion address accessible only through the Tor browser.

Reports: Reuters, Mashable, News Every day, CBS News

Hackers misused vulnerability in Flash in Yahoo ads to get to you

Online reports have said that for around a week, hackers used Yahoo’s ad network to send malicious bits of code to computers that visit Yahoo’s collection of Websites. The attack started on July 28. It could have targeted millions of people Online. According to reports, the scheme was shut down by Yahoo last Monday.

Reports: Washington Post, New York Times (Blog), International Business Times