Microsoft just announced a slew of Windows 10 devices including the Surface Book

A few minutes ago, Microsoft Corp. unveiled the Surface, Lumia & Microsoft Band devices, & a fast & secured login with Windows Hello. Other releases include new Cortana experiences that turn Windows 10 devices into a personal assistant, improved touch & pen experiences on Surface & Continuum for phones, which enables the new Lumia 950 & 950 XL phones to work like PCs.

The curious case of a vigilante hacking IoT devices & routers but not harming anyone

Strange. Online security experts have zeroed in on to a custom-build software named Wifatch which essentially “attacks” your home WiFi, though, hold on, there’s something fishy about it. It does not carry any malware or indulge in any malicious activity.

Reports: Symantec blog, Surfmax, Inquirer, CIO Australia, Hacked

Google announces new devices & updates apps features

Google Inc. today introduced some hardware, some software & some things in between. There are now 2 new Nexus phones, a Tablet, updates to Chromecast & added features for some of its apps.

The Nexus 6P smartphone is the 1st all-metal-body Nexus phone. Built in collaboration with Huawei, this 5.7” phone is crafted from aeronautical-grade aluminum, with a USB Type-C port for fast charging, a powerful 64-bit processor, & a 12.3 MP camera sensor with massive 1.55µm pixels.

Reports: USA Today, New York Times, re/code

Massive vulnerability found in Android devices

Yet another “massive” vulnerability in Android devices has been uncovered by security researchers. This one allowed hackers to access a device remotely without the owner ever knowing his device had been compromised. The flaw may have affected roughly 95% of Android devices running operating system version 2.2 to 5.1, said cybersecurity firm Zimperium.

Reports: VentureBeat, Forbes