‘Basket’ is a productivity aid for bookmarking mobile & Web Content

Organizing all of the digital Content a user comes into contact with every day can be a daunting task, especially when using a multitude of devices to access it. Smartphones, Tablets, desktop & laptop browsers – all of them can pose a challenge. This is where ‘Basket’ can come in handy, helping to make the hundreds of URLs that constantly pique your interest more manageable.

Create a bookmark for everything Twitter – New app


This iOS app is made by an ex-Twitter employee. Called Twitter Bookmarks, it claims to take away the pain of searching Twitter for something you had previously seen. What it does is allow users to create a bookmark dashboard to everything Twitter – fav people, tweets, lists, searches, + more. Tapping on a bookmark opens the official Twitter app directly to the spot you want to go. It also works with Tweetbot 3. The new app also supports multiple Twitter accounts.