Baidu’s new platform makes Machine Learning easy

For those of you out there who do not have any tech knowledge yet want to learn about how to make Machine Learning (ML) models, Chinese co Baidu has just the tool for you — EZDL. Launched a few days ago in beta, this tool makes it easy for almost anyone to build, design, & deploy Artificial Intelligence (AI) models. Here’s how EZDL does it – 1st you require about 20-100 images, or more than 50 audio files, assigned to each label. Training to build a custom sound classification model takes about an hour, claims Baidu. Generated algorithms can be deployed in the Cloud & accessed via an API, or you can even download it in the form of a software development kit that supports iOS, Android, & other operating systems.


Here’s Baidu’s answer to Siri, FB Messenger’s M…the virtual assistant tribe is growing

It was only a few days ago that we told our readers about how very soon, Internet & smartphone users may end up talking only to digital assistants & not human beings. Soon after Facebook announced M — its Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered personal assistant inside the Messenger chat app, China’s Internet search giant Baidu on Tuesday unveiled something similar in Beijing.

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GitHub has been under DDoS attack since almost 4 days

By its own reckoning, it seems to be the “largest DDoS attack in’s history.” The attack has affected all of GitHub. Some Online reports have claimed that the traffic was coming from China as attackers were reportedly using China’s search engine Baidu for the purpose of “HTTP hijacking.” This was later denied by Baidu.

Reports: GitHub Blog, Wall Street Journal, NetworkWorld