Artificial Intelligence

Search engine for ‘live’ audio broadcast, ‘nēdl’ claims to ease your find – New app

The search engine for ‘live’ audio broadcast on the Web, turns audio to text, facilitating instant results for voice search, filtering information from over 120,000+ live radio streams from the US & across globe.

MIT vows US $1 billion for evolution of computing, AI, to start new college – News

The endeavor aims at heralding a new cross-disciplinary college of computing after receiving US $350 million “gift” from Schwarzman, Chairman, CEO & co-founder of Blackstone, a leading global asset manager.

Can AI understand morality and ethics? – AI

What if one day humans are not the smartest species on Earth? What if Skynet becomes a reality, & no Terminator can save us? What if Elon Musk’s prediction that AI is “an immortal dictator” comes true? One way to solve these problems is to make machines more like humans, & teach them ethics.