‘TabNote’ makes it easy to jot down your thoughts as you browse the Net – #Startups

When you’re browsing the Web, there’s often something that you see that you’d like to note down, perhaps it’s simply a link which might be useful for a future blog post, you might write, perhaps a color combination on a website’s layout you’d like remember. There are literally hundreds of instances where a ‘quick-to-access? jotter could come in handy, don’t you agree?

To cater to this need, developer, Kesara Wimal has built a Chrome extension called ‘TabNote’, which is geared towards note taking while Online. The extension is available from an ever-present icon on your browser bar, which means that there’s no need to access other applications such as Notepad, which resides on your computer. Tab Note can also be configured to look ‘pretty’, since it has settings to select color, font, text size & quite a number of other options, such as a spell checker. The app works offline, too, so your notes are always available for use even without an Internet connection.

TabNote has more than one use though, as it operates as a clipboard as well. A clipboard, allows users to copy data, which can be pasted into another application at a later date. However, the problem is that a clipboard can only copy one piece of information at any one time. TabNote, on the other hand, can copy multiple pieces of data, which are then ready for transfer to other applications.

TabNote’s Website has sections describing how to use the application, & potential productivity saves it offers. So, to find out more, visit the Site, download the extension & start taking notes.


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Image Credit: TabNote


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