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Launching a startup can be an exciting but nevertheless daunting journey. Many who begin something innovative end up lost & confused at some point because they lack the vital information & knowledge to proceed at a critical point in the process of scaling their startup. It isn’t enough to be able to search Online for much needed startup tips & advice when you need it. ‘StarTips’ provides a way to find all of these ideas from real people who have gone through the same stages all in one place.

StarTips is a platform where you can find all the useful tips you need from a wide range of founders on what made them successful so that you can apply these tips to achieve success, or avoid repeating the same mistakes. It’s a hub for important startup information on every stage of the process – from raising funds to getting your idea off the ground & so on.

This community-driven platform makes it open for anyone to submit tips by either signing up & sharing their tips directly or doing so through StarTips’ Github page. The platform also provides a list of resources that entrepreneurs will find useful for every stage of running their startup & scaling it successfully.

StarTips is free to use. Subsequent updates hope to introduce new features such as contact forum, & also makes it possible to filter & search through the tips as well as the addition of other resources you will find useful for running a successful Startup.


– This is a startup profile based on publicly available material & not a review – 


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