Speed up your WP Site by optimizing your images with ‘Pixpie’

Unlike in past years when creating a Website involved lots of HTML coding, with the available tools today you can easily launch your Site in a matter of minutes. With hosting tools like WordPress (WP), it’s even easier. However, just creating 1 is not enough to get enough traffic.

This is where this next plugin comes in handy. Pixpie is a WP plugin that optimizes your new & existing image uploads by compressing them by default.

To ensure that the optimization is perfect specifically for your Site, it analyzes the quality of your Internet connection & your screen resolution. In addition, it ensures the Content is optimized precisely for each device used to access your Website. With this, Pixpie can increase the media content download speed as well as reduce your web traffic consumption.

How Pixpie works

Once you upload an image to WordPress, it is also sent to Pixpie Cloud where it is compressed & optimized then saved to WordPress Media Library. Pixpie also optimizes the thumbnails generated from the images. It supports both the JPEG & PNG image formats. The plugin performs the optimization using advanced image processing & compression algorithms. In addition, it provides you with a statistics page showing your total saving.

After compressing your image uploads, it ensures the resulting image is visually identical to your original image. In addition, it keeps your original images to allow you to roll back the changes. Besides the image uploads, this plugin also allows fast bulk optimization of content existing in your media library. Therefore, you can convert files in CMYK to RGB allowing you to save storage space & improve compatibility.

This plugin doesn’t require any of your Site’s root or command line access. Also, it doesn’t require you to compile & install any binaries. To use the plugin you just install it from the WordPress dashboard & obtain a free API key. This key allows you to optimize approximately 100 images on a free plan each month. The plugin doesn’t limit your Pixpie API key to one site. You can use the license key on as many sites & blogs as possible.

This plugin is developed under PIXPIE whose founders are Vladimir Usychenko, Valeriy Goryachkin, & Dmitry Osipa. Its headquarters are in Kiev, Ukraine.


– This is a startup profile based on publicly available material & not a review – 

Image Credit: Pixpie 


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