SEO trends 2019 – e-why, What & How

seo trends 2019

Maklay62 / Pixabay

Search engines optimization (SEO) remains one of the most important strategies to ensure that your Site is noticed Online, whatever “experts” may tell you. Since search engines are always changing & the algorithms behind search results are always evolving, it’s important that you understand the latest trends & work out plans that will help you keep up.

Here are some of the major SEO trends 2019 that are having an impact on search results in recent times.

  1. Mobile-first indexing

Google began the process of using a mobile version of Sites for ranking back in 2018, & it was soon the talking point of many SEO discussions. While mobile-first indexing doesn’t mean Google is using mobile-sites only to rank results just yet, but once your Site has been migrated this will be the case. Thus, it is of utmost importance that you make your Websites as mobile friendly as possible if you want to rank high in the search result. You can use a mobile bot to crawl your Site if you want to get a feel of how search engines see your Site.

  1. Page speed

Page speed continues to be part of SEO trends 2019. Google is focusing more on delivering faster & more optimized results & there is an increasing focus on cutting downloading time & page speed for desktop & mobile pages, respectively. In the past, optimization used to be the major metric measured by search engines but in recent times experts believe page speed has become quite important as well. Thus it is important that you focus your efforts on improving your site’s optimization score & take steps to fix bugs that may slow down speed.

  1. Pay attention to brand identity

Online brand mentions are one of the major factors used by Google in its ranking algorithms. Unlinked brand mentions tell search engines that your brand is an entity while further analyses by the search engine will reveal whether your site is an authority on a subject field or not. Basically, brand mentions & the sentiments that surround it can affect how your site is ranked. Thus, while building backlinks to your site is still important you should also try to cater to your site’s reputation. Track your Sites mentions & try engaging with customers as much as possible. Looking for influencers that might be willing to talk about you is important as well

  1. Don’t focus on Google alone

Google might be the biggest search engine out there, but there are a ton of others, & some of them are gradually becoming more popular as well. For example, more & more people go straight to Amazon for their online shopping making it some sort of Google for Online shopping. Thus if you sell something online, you should add optimization for Amazon as part of if SEO strategy or you would be losing out on a lot. Also, with voice search gradually becoming more prominently marketers will have to focus some energy on optimizing for this as well.


Generally, the best approach to SEO is to understand the needs of your audience & what they intend to find when they search for a keyword online & tailoring your content to answer their questions as much as possible. There are a lot of big changes coming to search engine ranking in the coming years & keeping up with the trends is quite important.