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online videos‘Loom’ is a flexible communication tool that allows you to record & share videos from your Gmail. In addition, it provides you with a recording Chrome extension. Loom is integrated directly into your Gmail workflow. This means you can record, review, edit & share your videos instantly with anyone.

You record with loom by clicking the extension icon on your browser. After installation, it requires you to sign up with an email address or even automatically create an account with your Google or Outlook account. The developers have also incorporated an open chat on the tool’s lower right-hand corner for help. Loom runs on Intercom which is a platform that allows Website owners to chat with their Site’s visitors as well as continue conversations by email.

As we all know only YouTube videos can play in Gmail. However, with loom, if you send a video to someone who also has this extension they can play your videos directly in the email thread. Also, loom will automatically provide you with a stylized thumbnail in the title when you paste a loom link into Gmail.

With the recording extension, you can record what’s on your desktop. To do this, you just select the desktop setting in the ‘Capture Setting’ in the bubble menu.

The videos recorded by loom have an average quality of 720p. In addition, if you are on Chrome 55 or later you’ll have HD videos.

For privacy, you can also protect your videos with a password. After recording our video, you can download them straight from the public video page & upload to YouTube, Vimeo or Dropbox.

Established mid-2016, the startup’s founders are Joe Thomas, also the CEO, & Shahed Khan. Loom is headquartered in Seattle, USA.


 - This is a startup profile based on publicly available material & not a review - 
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