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Selling more & managing inventory efficiently across stores is what an entrepreneur aims for. With the advent of the Internet, that became possible to an extent. Now, ‘Shopseen’ a 1-stop interface claims to help merchants do that even better. How, you ask, is that possible Online, what with all the multiple platforms available?

Here’s how:

  • Enter your product(s)
  • No need to list product across various shopping Sites. Get the listings out on all those multiple platforms in 1 click
  • Get your products shipped out, all from your alliance with Shopseen

The startup lets you sell even from your Instagram account, so that when you price it in the caption, it can be bought from a phone or Tablet. The product details, images & link to buy are available through 1 click.

Keeping track of sales can be an arduous task for many entrepreneurs. With Shopseen, all orders show up on 1 page despite being on different Online shopfronts. For instance, you may have sold 1 item on Ebay, another on Etsy & more on Shopify. You don’t have to keep track of these separately since its all on 1 dashboard. That’s  a neat trick. The company has even partnered with USPS, UPS & FedEx, so you can buy & print labels for shipping.

Shopseen has taken things even further by allowing you to sell from your social channels. It has tied-up with Stripe to easily create ‘Buy’ buttons on social apps like Twitter, Spring, to name a few.

The San Francisco, US-based developer Adeel Ahmad has explained elsewhere that his Cloud-based platform’s main goal was to help small businesses manage their commerce in an effective way, while reaching more customers. Anyone who has a store can now keep track of their merchandise, orders & sales fulfillment timelines using this platform.

Shopseen has partnered with non profits recently in an effort to provide the platform for a year for free, to qualifying businesses. The company has been working with Tenderloin Economic Development Project & Working Solutions in SF where Ahmad is a mentor for Online marketing.

– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. – 


Image Credit: Shopseen




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