RoutineHub: Place to share, download, version control Siri shortcuts

RoutineHub is a centralized platform built around Siri shortcuts where you can get them for downloads on your device. The place to share, download & version control Siri shortcuts has a simple & organized layout that features a growing number of shortcuts neatly grouped into different categories based on their functionality.

The pain point:

Most Apple users have been enjoying the many benefits of the Shortcuts app on the iOS 12. But there has been a limitation to Shortcuts, this many users have discovered with use. While you can freely find a cool shortcut Online, install, customize it & start using it on your device, there is never a way to know if the shortcut has been updated by the developer or any bugs it might be having has been fixed. In essence, Shortcuts lacked an app store, a feature many users would have found quite helpful if Apple had added it.

RoutineHub is a platform developed by Harley Hicks from Ohio, USA. Here, you can also find shortcuts based on the app associated with them. Just like a regular apps store, it allows you to share your own shortcuts to the world as well & also keeps the store updated by making it possible for users to add update modules to their shortcuts. This means, you have version control & users who have downloaded your shortcut won’t have to miss out on new updates when you add it.

Once you get through the initial process of setting up RoutineHub, you will be able to publish your own shortcuts & add updates to them directly on it straight from the Shortcuts app on your iOS device.




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Image Credit: RoutineHub

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